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-dedicated server you can login on this server with password:886978897 -if you don't have a dedicated server then you can use the for connection and use this password:845784884 to loginQ: Bash - How do I create an executable file from the result of a sub-process? I have the following bash script: #!/bin/bash java_cmd="java -jar project/application.jar" nodetool_cmd="nodetool repair" # Create a temporary directory mkdir -p /tmp/project-1 # Start a sub-process to run nodetool exec $nodetool_cmd # Trap the exit status of the sub-process exec $java_cmd # Start a sub-process to run a repair on a system's instance of cassandra exit $? I am wondering how can I execute the output of $nodetool_cmd and $java_cmd to ensure that the $java_cmd is executed first and thus returning an exit code of 0 and the $nodetool_cmd is executed second and thus returning an exit code of 1? When I run this script I get: $ bash /tmp/project-1$ java -jar project/application.jar [INFO] [tid: 0xa51e0] [project-2016.] node_env_vars_file: Loading node environment variables. [INFO] [tid: 0xa51e0] [project-2016.] node_env_vars_file: Checking node environment variables. [ERROR] [tid: 0xa51e0] [project-2016.] Failed




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